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Sore Throat Pops
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They’re fun!
Our signature bear shape will make your kids smile every time they see one.
They’re safe!
Our pops are made with the popular “Safety Stick” by Setterstix Corporation. These sticks will bend instead of breaking or splintering, and are free of sharp edges or serrated surfaces.
They’re environmentally friendly!
Our paper sticks are made from all-natural fibers that are completely biodegradable.They taste great! Your kids won’t even know they are getting medicine. Our flavorful grape pops taste just like candy.They provide fast, effective relief!
Our pops contain 19mg of pectin per pop. Pectin is a demulcent which works to soothe and protect sore throats by forming a film over the irritated area, relieving minor pain and inflammation. Not only do our pops provide relief for your little ones, but they can also help soothe mom’s sore throat.They’re not messy!
Mom’s, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t find the head of the lollipop has fallen off the stick onto your furniture, rug or recently polished floors. Our manufacturing process, combined with the special paper of the stick, provides the most effective “candy-to-stick” bond that is available today.